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Fastest, most intuitive high-performance post-processing workflow for airborne sensors
High-performance post-processing workflow for airborne sensors.

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The increased need for up-to-date geospatial information in many traditional applications, as well as in emerging areas, such as navigation or location-based apps, requires a new approach to data processing: rapid updates over large areas in the shortest possible time. To be a true No. 1, the world’s most efficient airborne sensor still relies on an efficient and fast data processing workflow.

By introducing HxMap, the unified high-performance multi-sensor workflow platform, Leica Geosystems offers what the industry has been waiting for - a fast, intuitive and efficient post-processing platform that allows you to generate all known data products within one single interface.

  • Scalable and adaptable to your needs
    Create your personalised post-processing workflow with this flexible and modular platform that can be customised to your specific application needs. Easily upgrade your software module licenses when you need them.
  • Unprecedented data throughput
    Take advantage of the industry’s fastest data throughput and process any amount of data efficiently in one single post-processing interface. HxMap also effortlessly merges your 2D and 3D mapping worlds.
  • Saving you time and costs
    Reduce your training needs by creating all known airborne data products in one simple user interface. Benefit from a complete end-to-end workflow rather than moving data across multiple software.

The Leica HxMap common sensor post-processing platform offers scalable and upgradable software modules to meet your needs:

  • HxMap Enabler: Enabler, Workflow Manager, Projection Engine
  • HxMap Provider: Ingest , Raw QC
  • HxMap Core Image: APM, AT, Terrain Editor, Infocloud, Ortho Mosaic
  • HxMap Core LiDAR: AutoCalibration, Point Cloud Registration, Color Encoding, Data Metrics
  • HxMap 3D Modeller Basic: City Modeller , Texture Mapper, 3D Editor
  • HxMap 3D Modeller Advanced: Building Finder , 3D Mesh
  • HxMap SDK: Developer’s Kit

How does HxMap work?
Starting from data download, raw QC to basic data management, Leica HxMap intuitively guides you through the sensor specific processing steps, based on the input data. Radiometric processing is now available for all sensors as well is a complete aerial triangulation workflow.
Furthermore the HxMap product generator allows a large number of products to be generated by the push of a button: referenced images, orthophotos, info clouds, point clouds and in the near future* large orthophoto mosaics.
These features build the right solution for large oblique projects, country-wide orthophoto or LiDAR projects or small engineering projects alike.

Data acquisition + data processing = airborne reality capture
To reach highest efficiency the data acquisition has been integrated tightly with the post processing. Thus, HxMap can be enabled for individual sensor types. For flexible production, scalable and application-specific software modules are bundled with the matching hardware, namely Leica RealCity, and Leica RealWorld and Leica RealTerrain..
RealCity supports you with your smart city and 3D city modelling applications, whilst RealWorld is designed for Leica RCD30 and Leica DMCIII based large area imaging projects in 2D and Leica RealTerrain is particularly effective for large area LiDAR mapping.

Contact your local Leica Geosystems representative for more information or to request a demo.

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