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Microstation Manager 1/00
Microstation Manager 1/00 (Raytheon reprint)
English 2 MB  (PDF)  
GIM International 10/99
GIM International 10/99 (Ben Interview reprint)
English 6 MB  (PDF)  
POB 7/99 Coming out of Dark
POB 7/99 Article - Out of the Dark Ages
English 1 MB  (PDF)  
Laser Scanning for Everyday Survey Work
Leica HDS3000 lifts scanning into everday survey use. METCO Services details in American Surveyor Magazine how they are using their Leica HDS3000, Leica software, and AutoCAD software, for everyday topographic and site surveys with an attractive return on investment (ROI).
By Martin Dunn
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3D laser scanning helps Chevron revamp platform
(A landmark article that appeared in the Oil & Gas Journal in 2001). "Chevron USA Production Co. exceeded its project goals by deploying 3D laser scanning and modeling on a Gulf of Mexico platform upgrade project." By Floyd Sanders
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Professional Surveyor 5/00
Professional Surveyor 5/00 (PennDOT reprint)
English 1 MB  (PDF)  
CADENCE magazine
CADENCE magazine 8-page review by Joe Greco
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Forensic and Damage Assessment Surveys
"Forensic and Damage Assessment Surveys," by Geoff Jacobs was published in the pages of the November 2005 issue of Professional Surveyor magazine and delves into the benefits of using high-definition surveying for forensic projects.
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Twenty-Foot Cross-Sections
"Standard Twenty-Foot Cross-Sections? No Problem!" by Geoff Jacobs was published in the September 2005 issue of Professional Surveyor magazine. "This article closely examines trends among clients who are today receiving deliverables based on high-definition surveys and what some of these key, leading edge clients are now requesting. Brace yourself..."
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Skills and resources to succeed in laser scanning
"This article examines the skills/resources typically needed today for success as a provider of services that include laser scanning. These include fundamental skills/resources in field surveying and office processing, plus the business aspects of marketing and project estimating."
By Geoff Jacobs
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High-Definition Surveying: Uses in Transportation
"The use of high-definition surveying/laser scanning for transportation-related projects is one of the 'sweet spots' for this technology. This article takes a closer look at the latest trends and the specific applications and benefits that this technology brings to transportation projects today."
By Geoff Jacobs
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Laser Scanning Capabilities And How To Get There
At some point, key individuals within an agency or firm may reach the conclusion that highdefinition surveying technology can benefit their company. They may then be ready to take advantage of this technology. The questions are: How? What's the best way for our organization? What options are available today, and what are the trade-offs between the various options?
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Understanding the useful range of laser scanners
"This article will discuss one commonly misunderstood aspect of laser scanners, 'Maximum Range' (future articles will cover other aspects). 'Maximum range' does not necessarily have the same practical meaning for laser scanners as it may for a total station. This article will try to help clarify why this is the case and how users can better assess the 'useful range' of laser scanners."
By Geoff Jacobs
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Extracting Points, Lines, Surfaces, & Models
"The potential advantages of dense point data, such as creating more complete and accurate as-builts, have also been covered in earlier articles (May, July, and August 2004). High point density, however, raises some interesting new questions—and opportunities—regarding the task of extracting traditional deliverables."
By Geoff Jacobs
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3D Laser Scanning
"Since 3D laser scanning technology first splashed onto the scene in 1998, professionals have had varying interpretations about what makes this technology different from others[...]
The fact is that 3D laser scanning is about all of those things and more. Fundamentally, however, its single most important and differentiating technical aspect is its high point density. With high point density as 'the primary driver,' its other key features are natural companions."
By Geoff Jacobs
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Versatility: A hidden instrument in laser scanners
"Many professionals think of 3D laser scanners in terms of capturing scenes with high point density. There is another application of laser scanners that is rapidly gaining popularity among many users. It’s based on what one might call a'hidden instrument' within a laser scanner, a hidd en instrument that is essentially another form—a very powerful form—of a reflectorless total station."
By Geoff Jacobs
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Sites and Structures that Benefit Most from HDS
"This article delves into what types of 'sites and structures' are the best candidates for laser scan surveys. A subsequent article will delve into types of projects."
By Geoff Jacobs
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Uses in Building and Architectural Surveys
"The use of high-definition surveying/laser scanning for various types of building and architectural surveys is becoming more mainstream everyday. This article takes a closer look at the specific applications and benefits that this technology brings to these types of projects."
By Geoff Jacobs
 2 MB  (PDF)  
Laser Scanning Today: Another Tool in the Kit
"When 3D laser scanning was introduced in early 1998, many interesting commercial ideas arose on how to take advantage of the technology. Some
of those ideas proved more successful than others. This article will examine, in order of decreasing business risk, four business models that organizations have implemented for this technology, including the business model that is
most often successful today."
By Geoff Jacobs
 1 MB  (PDF)  
The Projects that Benefit Most from HDS
"This article delves into what types of 'projects' are the best candidates for high-definition surveys."
By Geoff Jacobs
 1 MB  (PDF)  
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